Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good day for Hawks

Weather hit 32 degrees today and every hawk in the area came out... Highlight of the day was a Merlin at 26mi and Broughton Rd in Macomb Twp... He was sitting on top of a pole munching on a starling... I was traveling to work and did not have my camera, but he was pretty brave and I got some close up looks at him... I also counted 5 American Kestrel and 4 Red Tailed Hawks while driving... When I got home, I saw a Northern  Harrier moving thru the back of my property... by the time I got in the house, it dived, grabbed a mouse and landed on my neighbors property. I grabbed my camera and tried stalking him but got no closer than 60 yards with my zoom, so the photos below are cropped and kinda crappy, but hey, I got a photo of a Harrier eating behind my house... very cool...

click to enlarge

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