Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wetzel SGA - Finally a decent Pic of a Palm Warbler

Just got home from visiting Wetzel SGA after work for a quick look out at the ponds... Golden Eagle soared overhead... Attempted a photo but it came out very blurry.... Also didn't have my rubber boots and got a soaker... I love the smell of wet tennis shoes.... NOT!!   Nothing really going on in the Ponds... a few Ring-necked Ducks and a pair of Green-winged Teals.... I ran into a very friendly Palm Warbler and I was able to get a couple of close ups....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Spotted friends are back...

Took a walk behind the house tonite... Its basically one big marsh at the moment. With all the rain, its nothing but mud and standing water... Spotted Sandpipers returned today... Still waiting on the Solitary Sandpipers that also nest on the property... Saw a few White-crowned Sparrows and as usual, there were a gazillion Savannah Sparrows everywhere....

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

Ugly raining day.... quick stop at Metrobeach was mildly productive... only there for 30 min... Yellow-rumped, Yellow and Palm Warbler. Catbirds were plentiful... Pied-billed Grebe calling from the South Marsh and Wilson's Snipes could be heard. Rain is gone, but wind is picking up.... Tree Swallows are nesting in the yard in the Bluebird house.... my message to the Bluebirds.... Snooze, you lose....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Port Huron SGA - Pine Warblers

I was in Port Huron today at the first light of dawn... finished what I had to do and then took a quick stop at one of my favorite locations. Why? I have no idea, it was raining and foggy... but its spring and I dont like to waste a minute of it during migration... Pine Warblers were on territory and singing everywhere... It was dark and I had to use high iso, slower shutter speeds as well as a few other tricks but I managed to photograph one of the warblers... I will go back to this location when it is sunny out.... I love these warblers...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain finally stopped.... Hit Wetzel SGA on way home

The day was gray and dreary today. It rained nonstop... it finally let up around 430pm while I was on my way home. I decided to stop by Wetzel SGA in New Haven. It has been a good area for Ruddy Ducks in the past and Sedge Wren and Clay Colored Sparrows nest there.... Didn't really see much... Lots of Ring-necked Ducks in the ponds. 1 Pied-billed Grebe. I did find 3 Great Blue Herons in a field and one of them was an Immature... I was surprised to see such a young looking Heron.... Managed a few pics of an Eastern Meadowlark and Savannah Sparrow....
Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark

Savannah Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sneaking out to Metrobeach before Church...

Out to Metrobeach today before church.... Many Hermit Thrush were found on all trails... a couple of Palm Warblers on trails behind Nature center... Ruby Crowned Kinglets and White-throated Sparrows were everywhere... First Catbird and Brown Thrasher of the year for me... I look forward to things picking up this week with some steady warmer temperatures... Fox Sparrow, Winter Wren and Golden-crowned Kinglets still remain in the area... Pied Billed Grebes called in the South Marsh...
Blue-winged Teal

Hermit Thrush

Ruby crowned Kinglet

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wolcott Mills Metropark migration report.... Boring......

Took a little 2 mile hike at Wolcott today.... I figured with the warm weather there would be an influx of migrants... nope, nothing.... probably pick up this week... Nothing of great interest... I did manage to run into an Eastern Towee who was singing up a storm.... Also Field Sparrows were everywhere.... I followed a Kestrel around a field trying to get close enough to get some decent photos, but he wasn't cooperating... Oh well, it was a perfect day to be in the woods.....
Spring Beauty

Field Sparrow

Field Sparrow

American Kestrel

Eastern Towee

Eastern Towee

Coyote...... Now people wont think I am crazy....

I have been hearing Coyotes behind the house for a couple of years... My neighbors and I have heard them howl on many occasions and we have all seen tracks in our yards.... today I got to see one in my yard at day break... it sniffed around my yard and them moved out to a patch of grass about 40-50 yards behind the house and laid down.... now some of the "unbelievers" elsewhere in the sub will know that Nelson drive people aren't crazy... LOL!!  Some images are cropped heavily so closeups of the animal can be seen. Click to enlarge.

Fleas?  He kept biting on this area

Obviously he was getting bored of me...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why did we leave Capistrano?

Out in the snow today headed for Port Huron... I thought the roads were going to be worse than what they were so I left early. I came upon this tree during the heavy snowfall and noticed a group of swallows hanging out... They did not look very happy to be in good ole Michigan.... I was able to walk right up to them and photograph them and they did not even budge.... Lighting was very challenging.... Click to enlarge

Tucking its head downward to avoid snow

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where did the Red Admiral Go?

Took a photo of a Red Admiral Butterfly at Metrobeach.... It was sitting on a pile of dead leaves left over from the fall.... I am amazed at Natures camouflage.... I spent a couple of minutes trying to point it out to a little girl who was at the park with her Uncle.... very cool.... click to enlarge..

Terns enjoying the wind...

I got called to go see a patient at Detroit Receiving Hospital this afternoon... I figured as long as I was going down I-94, on the way back from the Hospital, I might as well stop by Metrobeach and see how the birds were handling being blown all around by the wind gusts up to 40MPH.... North Marsh looked empty except for a group of Caspian and Forsters Terns facing into the wind... Also managed a pic of a couple of Forsters Terns hanging around on the Dock....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Stop by MetroBeach

took a 10 min stop by Metro Beach Metropark on way to Allen Park today and glassed the water... North Marsh had a dozen Bonaparte Gulls, Forsters Terns and half dozen Green-winged Teal... 8 Common Loons flew over.. Still a large raft of Ducks off the shore near the day sail... Scaup, Redhead and a few Canvasbacks...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great evening for a walk

Put on the Rubber boots and headed out behind the house tonite... sun was dropping lower in the sky... Something about the light at sunset I like... I found 4 Wilson Snipe and a Pied-billed Grebe in the pond... Water level is high from the winter of heavy snow.... I wasn't able to get near the Snipe to photograph and the Grebe spotted me and took off.... Did manage to shoot this American Robin singing its heart out and a Song Sparrow who took a keen interest in me as I sloshed thru the to enlarge