Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yesterday the feeders were going nuts...

Two days ago I finally had a Horned Lark show up in my feeder... pouncing along the ground, eating the thistle and seeds that were blowing across the snow... two days later, he invited all his friends.. I had a flock of a dozen larks and a few snow buntings that hung around the feeders all day. Song Sparrow visited as well as the ton of Goldfinches, Tree Sparrows, House Finches and Juncos... There also has been a large group of Mourning Doves the last week that visit the yard and sit on the wood structure I made behind the feeder.... Hoping the Snow Buntings come back today.... Didn't get a good picture of on photo to enlarge. *** Disclaimer*** Feeders were filled after the one photo... these birds are big eaters..

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