Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Port Huron - Lighthouse Park and Lakeside Park

After reports surfaced of all three Scoter species and the little Gull in Port Huron I decided to take a trip to the river... I was working in Port Huron yesterday, so when my day ended I headed over to the water... I ran into a a fellow birder Jeremy that I met for the first time and we scoped the water off of the short of Lakeside Park... There is a Large group of Gulls there, although I did not locate the Little Gull... a few White-winged Scoters were scoped off of shore. There were some Common Mergansers and Bufflehead around... Large rafts of Long-tailed Ducks can be seen from the shore of Lighthouse Park...  While standing there scoping the ducks a huge flock 150+ of Snow Buntings came a shore and moved along the beach right in front of me... Very cool...

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