Saturday, December 4, 2010

Went looking for Northern Shrike Today... no luck, unless you count close encounter with dumb Imm Sharpie luck... Smile... Click

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Spent two hours looking for Shrike behind the house... no luck.. I did manage to locate the couple White-Crowned Sparrows that I will need for the Christmas count and I got a couple Tree Sparrow Photographs... Then as I am exiting the woods and walking into my yard, the Imm Sharp-Shinned Hawk who has been terrorizing my feed for 6 weeks, flies right in front of my face and lands next to the feeder... So I took his photo... Again..... We had a stare down... he got bored and left....

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  1. Tree Sparrows are a little soft, but it was a very gray dark day and lets just say autofocus was having a difficult time so I switch to manual... Still learning how to use this Tamron zoom... its only been a week...