Monday, October 17, 2011

Common Mergansers... dont get to see them beached that often....

I was up north near Tawas this week... I was in pursuit of the elusive White-tailed Deer... (relax anti-hunters, I did not score... they are safe)... The guys and myself stayed in my Brothers cabin on Sand lake... I was not up north to bird, but I couldn't help myself to a couple of snapshots of a group of Common Mergansers that landed and rested for the day.... they took advantage of this small peninsula of sand until they got chased off by a flock of Canada Geese... I was intrigued by a few of them that had yellowish bellies... I usually see them in the water so I dont get to see them on land.... There also were a few Buffleheads that hung out in the bay for the week... It was a full moon and I managed a snapshot of a cool looking harvest moon.... Large flock of Juncos in one of the fields that I hunted... Winter is on the way!!! click to enlarge


Common Merganser

Common Merganser

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