Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting the feeders ready for winter.... suprise Lincolns Sparrow visit

Getting my bird feeding station ready for winter yesterday.... I pulled up the annuals surrounding the feeder, put out my tray feeder... Plucked the heads from the few sunflowers I had and put them in the tray.... I back up to fields, so I always take some dead branches and small trees and make a makeshift  shelter for the birds to avoid diving hawks.... It took about 12 hours and my feeders were very active this morning and I dont even have them all out.... White-crowned Sparrows are moving thru the area as well as a few White-throated Sparrows.... Flocks of Redwinged Blackbirds are out in the fields surrounding the marshy areas and a couple of them came to visit the feeder.... I heard this low sounding singing coming from the island surrounding the feeders... I sat there quietly at the window and watched when a Lincoln Sparrow appeared below the tray feeder... He was quite the skalker and wasn't giving me many looks.... he kept following around a Song Sparrow, like they were buddies.... Never did get a high quality picture of him... I will try later... cool seeing one in migration...

Lincolns Sparrow and Song Sparrow

Lincoln Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow
Redwinged Blackbird

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