Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow Geese - Stoney Creek Metropark

Took a quick drive around Stoney Creek Metropark this late afternoon after work.... Pulled into to Eastwood Beach and was looking at a group of Canada Goose and a Great Blue Heron working the shoreline.... was just getting ready to pull out when a group of 4 Snow Geese came in for a landing... It started to rain and they got out of the water with the Canada Geese.... I snuck up to them and got some photos before they figured out I was stalking them and they all flew back into the water..... I was glad to see the Juveniles as well as the Adults... Tried for a minute to turn them into Ross's Goose, but I couldn't.... Oh, well...... click to enlarge
Snow Goose x 4

I was spotted... fly away

bobbing in the bay

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