Friday, July 20, 2012

Pointe Mouillee -

I stopped by Pointe Mouillee after work today... I was in the area... It is only my third time there.... I figured I would walk out to cell 3 and see what was around.... There were a good number of Least Sandpipers... probably a couple of dozen... there were also a dozen or more Lesser Yellowlegs... I saw two Solitary Sandpipers..... Unexpected was the 6 Sanderlings that were working the Mudflat on the side of cell 3 near the lake...  I also had one Dowitcher.... I think it is a Long-billed based upon the length of bill, but the feathers on the back look more like a Short-billed...  So I am seeking additional opinions.... There were a good number of Caspian Terns around, several Osprey and one Bald Eagle.... All Swallow species were seen today and an unexpected Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the thickets near the parking lot.... There were Dragonflies everywhere!!!!! 

Forgive the poor quality of the Dowitcher photos.... It was a long way off and these are heavily cropped... click to enlarge...

Bonaparte's Gull and Sanderling

Least Sandpipers

Pied-billed Grebe covered in slime.... yuck

Halloween Pennant

I always thinks its weird to look out of the marsh and see the nuclear plant

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