Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dickcissel - Inwood Rd Macomb County

I got a tip from Mike Mencotti this morning that he had found a Dickcissel off of Inwood Rd West of Mound.... This is a lifer for me.... Not because they are rare, although they are very uncommon in Macomb County.... But, because I never want to chase after it.... I figured one would show up near my home at some point.... of course it took years.... LOL!!   I found the bird quite easily sitting up on the wire in the exact location Mike had given me... It was very approachable and offered some great views... Singing Constantly.... Kevin Rysiewski had arrived shortly before me and we enjoyed watching this little guy sing his heart out.... Kevin called me right after I left and he found a second one near the first.... Hope this is a sign they are on Territory....  I really, really appreciated the call from Mike!!!!  Thanks Again!!!!!  click photos to enlarge

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