Friday, June 1, 2012

Ruddy Turnstone - Stoney Creek Metropark

I got a call from Mr. Stoney Creek (aka Kevin Rysiewski) that a Ruddy Turnstone (208) was on the Mudflats on the Osprey Trail at Stoney.... I missed this bird when it was there a couple of weeks ago, so no matter what the weather was I headed that way.... I love this Sandpiper... Its always been one of my favorites, so I put on the Poncho and the Rubber boots, covered the camera in plastic and headed down the trail..... When I got there I found Wayne Hoch standing next to the water observing the bird.... We both got some close up opportunities for photos and then I headed for the car before the rain got to heavy..... We also heard and observed Brown Thrashers, Indigo Bunting, Field Sparrow, Eastern Kingbird, Great-crested Flycatcher and quite a few other common birds for the area.... click on photos to enlarge...

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