Saturday, June 30, 2012

White Ibis - St. Clair County

I headed to see the White Ibis that has been reported in St. Clair County in the last couple of days... I am not a state lister and I don't keep county lists(other than yearly list for my County)... This bird is so common in the area that we vacation at in Florida, they are like Killdeers here in Michigan.... However, this species has not had very many visits to our state, nor do I think that It is likely to visit again anytime soon.... So out the door I headed.... I got to the location and Darlene Friedman was also driving down the road (Meldrum, North of 26 mi)... It was nice to meet her... she stated that she had been there since 5am looking for the bird... I admit, I was impatient and after an hour of looking for it I left.... I talked to Kevin Rysiewski who was just leaving Wetzel and he told me he was headed that way to look for it.... Sure enough, I get a call from him and he and Darlene were watching it.... Arrghhhh!!!  Figures.... I head back that way and as soon as I pull up, it takes off.... never saw it..... I stuck around with Kevin and we patiently waited for its return.... Alan Ryff joined us and we conversed on a number of topics... and waited.... Finally, from up the road in the distance a large bird was moving our way.... Yes!!  it flew right over our heads and off into the distance and landed in the middle of a wooded area.... No pictures, but I saw the bird.... My thanks to Kevin for loaning one of his pics to me for putting on my blog and as always, thanks to Kevin and Tom Heatley for the heads up when the bird was first seen....  

Link to video that kevin shot.... the heat waves distorted the video a little, but its still cool to watch it move about and feed...

Juvenile White Ibis

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  1. Paul, I think the secret to finding the great birds is to hang around with Kevin. I only half-jokingly called him the Bird Whisperer last time I saw him! Congrats on seeing the Ibis. ~Kim