Monday, June 4, 2012

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds - first of the year in my yard

My wife came home with a new Hummingbird feeder last week..... its the deluxe glass model with ant trap.... I was surprised because she can be.... lets just say frugal.... She loves hummingbirds and we have never really had them in our yard.... we back up to fields and up until this year, the trees were not very high....  I came home from work, looked out into the yard and there was a Male Ruby in the feeder.... Of course my camera was in the car... I ran and got it, but he was gone.... 5 minutes later a female shows up.... she came about 3 more times in about 30 minutes.... I had to leave and take my son to the library... when we came home, the sun was setting... the back of my house faces west, so we are blinded every night... Not the best lighting condition for shooting at the feeder, but I wanted to document the first day of Hummers... So I got some shots, not the best.... but hey, if they stick around like I think they will, I plan on getting some great shots.... in the morning light.... click to enlarge..

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