Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purple Sandpiper NO, Lapland Longspur and Snow Bunting Yes

Went to Metrobeach today to look for the Purple Sandpiper that was seen this morning.. No luck.... There were plenty of Scaup, Bufflehead, Canvasback, and one Red-breasted Merganser(new 2012) near the point... and down the canal... I did get lucky on the way back to my car and intercept a flock of Snow Buntings(new 2012) and Lapland Longspurs (new 2012) as they were coming in from over the lake to the beach... They landed in a tree in the grassy area next to the beach and took turns flying to the grass below the tree and feeding.... Kinda of odd because I don't usually see them sitting in a tree... Not the best lighting for pictures, but I was glad to get a few.... click to enlarge..  MC list at 60

Red-breasted Merganser

Lesser Scaup

Mr and Mrs Scaup
Lapland Longspurs and Snow Buntings

Lapland Longspur and Snow Buntings

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