Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trek behind the house.... love fresh snow

It snowed about 3 inches in my area of Macomb County last night... I took the opportunity to take a hike in the area behind my house. As some of you who follow my blog know, this area used to be a golf course... with the bad economy the property went back to the bank and it is up for sale.... its a nice mixture of small ponds, a river (branch of the clinton river) 90 percent fields and strips of trees and pines... I found the largest flock of Tree Sparrows I have seen in awhile.... I would estimate 75 to 100 of them... it was really interesting because I played the song of the Common Redpoll on my phone... I was just reviewing the call notes in case I came in contact with them.... The Tree Sparrows flew out of the Marsh and into the trees around me... they were all calling and were very interested in my behavior... really interesting... Nothing more to see except 3 Red-tailed Hawks, 50 Juncos, Downy Woodpecker and a dozen Goldfinch... I heard a Coopers Hawk call and Blue Jays were chaising him as he darted thru the woods... Found a couple sets of Fox tracks... just no fox.... I looked for one, but I guess you could say I was out foxed....

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