Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy Owl... boring....

I saw one of the Snowy Owls today on top of Lands End Marina in Harrison Township near the DNR station on South River Road... I had to laugh because when I saw it I was thinking to myself, big deal.... How spoiled we have all been this winter that so many Owls have decided to make Michigan their winter home... It is a special year.... I looked for the American Pipit on the beach at Metro, but it was not there... I had heard that the Purple Sandpipers were spotted in the AM, but I did not see them nor did the other birders that were out at Huron Pointe.... Waterfowl were plentiful in the lake and I added  my 62 specie on my county list for the year with a Ruddy Duck... Snow Buntings were still present on the beach and there was a big flock of Tree Sparrows near the day sail.... 5 Tundra Swans were off the day sail and surprisingly very vocal early in the morning.... It was a "long Johns" kind of a morning.... super cold, but no wind....
Snowy Owl

Tree Sparrow

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