Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit from some Bobolinks

While I was getting my youngest child ready for school, I heard a familiar metallic sounding song... Every Spring I get a few Bobolinks moving thru.... they never nest near the house, but just stop to refuel on there journey to whereever. I only saw them for 30 seconds and they did not pose for pics very well.... mostly walked in the long grass in the field on our property line.... still one of my favorite songs... I also got a visit to the feeders this morning by Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.... They NEVER come to my feeders, (no habitat) so I was suprised to see them.....

No time for birding today, very busy.... Look forward to this weekend when I will be birding almost 3 days straight.....

Bobolink (looking away of course)

Mr. and Mrs. Northern Cardinal

Sunrise this morning as the storm passed thru

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