Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Wren - Metrobeach

When I got off of work tonight, I headed to Metrobeach in Harrison Twp... Late day birding kills me in the spring because the best birds are gone by 10am, but winter birding is different... I spotted 6 Red-winged Blackbirds (76) in a tree off of Jefferson and South River Rd....  Then I headed into the park... the service rd behind the nature center was my targeted area tonight... every year since I can remember that I have birded at Metro, I am able to find Winter Wren (77) in the thickets at the end of this road... Today was no different.... once I got past the marsh on my left, heading toward the dead end, I heard a couple of scolding notes from the wren... This is the best way to find them... I patiently waited and looked to the dark areas under the thickets... the Winter Wren is a skulker and doesn't show itself easily... it took almost an hour before I could get a good look at it and I was finally able to get a photo. It sat on a branch in the open and I snapped a quick photo, and with the click of my shutter, it was gone... "too late my wren friend, I already got your picture"... I also had a Swamp Sparrow (78) singing in the Marsh and with a little phishing got it to come out of the cattails and show itself... there are always a few that hang for the winter at Metro... click to enlarge
Winter Wren

The Great Horned Owls are nesting... one of the Owls was sitting in the Copper Tub.... for those of you who are not familiar with the Owls at Metro, the tub was placed in the tree many years ago when a nest was blown out of the trees (or something like that) and the young were on the ground... they were placed back in the tree in this makeshift nest... all these years later, they continue to nest in the tub every February... it is easily visible from the middle trail behind the nature center...
Great Horned Owl on nest

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