Friday, March 16, 2012

Woodcock- Arial Display

Tonight Steve Santner stopped by to add the American Woodcock to his Lifetime Macomb County List... Steve has an impressive state list and I was glad to help him add this bird to his county list...  After being questioned by my neighbors on who he was, (I will explain in a moment) I met him on the front lawn... I told him where the Woodcock were calling in the evening and he waited patiently on my Patio for them to start their evening show....  I was watching TV in my bedroom when I heard the first one call... Peeeent!!!  I got up and went out the front door and came around to the back of the house.... The Woodcocks put on quite a show... there were 3, maybe 4 birds calling... the display was very impressive with some of the birds flying right over our heads... the sun was setting, the show was over and Steve was gone... Woodcock added to his lifetime Macomb List.... I was glad to help out.... I love my little heaven behind my house!!!!

I had to laugh, because once my neighbor found out he was there to see the Woodcock, he rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders and acted like, "oh, that bird!!"   Every spring since they have moved in, the Woodcocks nest right behind their house and call all night long... they keep them awake.... My neighbor even has video of a Woodcock walking in his yard...... He doesn't know it, but that is very, very cool....

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