Saturday, April 28, 2012

New lens

I got a new zoom today.... It a Sigma zoom that will go out to 500mm... I tested it out today in the cloudy dark weather.... figured that since this is a lens that does not like the dark, then what better place to test it out.... So I headed over to Macomb Corners Park and found some baby Killdeer in the middle of the pond running around to test it on.... they were in the middle of the pond, maybe 25 yrds... I shot at Iso 800 and used F10.... OS on.... (shop talk for photographers... LOL).... I was impressed for the first day..... When I shot the Song Sparrow the lens did look for him... but the lens focused well.... I am going to shoot with it for a couple of weeks before I decide to keep it, but so far... I am happy... click to enlarge

chicks underneath Mom

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