Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virginia Rail.... I think I like the new lens...

I birded Metrobeach this morning for a couple of hours.. Highlights included a Marsh Wren (141), 3 Yellow Warblers (142), Palm Warbler (143), Warbling Vireo (144) and a couple of Goofy Virginia Rails that gave a few people a show.... The two rails were in the South Marsh on the loop... They were working the edge of the cattails and making a ton of noise... I sat quietly as the sun came up and was able to get a couple of photos from about 10 feet away... The new lens did a great job zooming in on the birds...  There wasn't a ton of movement in the woods... I ran into Mike Mencotti and he had seen a Lincoln Sparrow.... A few dozen Cormorants flew over and I saw 4 Wilson's Snipe in the Marsh along the service Rd...

In the evening I took a walk at Wolcott Mills Metropark... I found a pair of Bank Swallows(145) nesting on the bluff overlooking the river... 7 Cedar Waxwings (146) were my FOY.... I am probaly the only person in Macomb County that hasn't seen them yet this year.... Eastern Towhee were everywhere.... I heard a Eastern Screech Owl calling along the river.... Just as I was leaving the Park I heard the loud call of a Pileated Woodpecker and looked up and he was above my head.... Unfortunately it was between the Sun and I, and no pictures.... Bummer.... With the warm weather coming this week, migration should explode.... Hope so..... click to enlarge..
Virginia Rail

Virginia Rail

Tree Swallow trying to warm up in the morning sun

Eastern Towhee

Parachute over my head at Wolcott Mills

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