Friday, May 11, 2012

Black-billed Cuckoo

Got a tip from Kevin and Tom today about Black-billed Cuckoo (190) at Wetzel State Park.... I followed there directions and found one near the airfield... very cool bird.... It dived in the bushes and my photo of it is not worth posting, but it was cool seeing it and hearing it call from the dense thicket it was hiding in...

While I was there I took a quick walk around the pond south of 27 mile rd... A Marsh Wren popped up out of the cattails to yell at me and I also saw a Green Heron.... In the distance I could hear a Bobolink...

Near Wolcott Mills today I heard the familiar song of an Orchard Oriole.... I found it quickly and was able to get some photos before it moved on....

Orchard Oriole

Marsh Wren
Marsh Wren

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