Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Couple New FOY's

Stopped by Lk. St. Clair Metropark today after work.... figured I would look for a couple of Warblers I am missing on my county list for the year... I found the two I was looking for...Wilson's Warbler(196) and Bay-breasted Warbler(197).... both found on the meadow loop trail... the woods were also very active with a ton of American Redstarts and Yellow Warblers... I also found a Canada Warbler on the trail behind the Nature Ctr... Tennessee and Blackpoll warblers were also heard... I found 2 female Black-throated Blue Warblers.... I had a close encounter with a Least Bittern... calling in the South marsh near the small pond right near the trail.... I could hear it from about 10 feet away and although I tried to lure it out of the reeds, no luck.... No shorebirds on the beach, but I did have a flyover of a Green Heron....

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