Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Golden-winged Warbler - Macomb Corners Park

Yesterday I went and looked a small group of Least Sandpipers(194) at Macomb Corners Park... While making my way around the wood area surrounding the pond, I hear a Buzz beez beez beez... I got pretty excited knowing that this could only be one bird.... I circled around to the front of the wooded plot and sure enough in a bush about 8 feet off of the ground was a Golden-Winged Warbler(195).... I fiddled with my camera and tried to get ready to shoot, but he jumped into the deeper thicket... I followed him for 40 minutes hoping he would come out in the open, hold still and let me take his photo.... no luck.... occasional glimpses and getting to hear his song was all I got..... Also had 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, least Flycather, Kingbirds, Warbling Vireo and Eastern Bluebirds in same location....

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