Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wetzel - search for Olive-sided Flycatcher

Got a call from Kevin this morning that he had found an Olive-sided Flycatcher at Wetzel State Park at daybreak.... He was able to photograph the bird.... I headed there after work and found Tom Heatley also looking for the bird.... We looked hard, but no luck.... When I first pulled up in the parking lot off of 27 mi Rd, an Alder Flycatcher (203) was calling loudly nearby....  Willow Flycatchers are abundant throughout the park.... Fitz bew.... at every turn.... I also found a male Orchard Oriole at the parking lot woods.... I have seen more Orchard Orioles in Macomb County this year than any previous year.... at 5 different locations....  It is going to be a strong year for Butterfly enthusiasts.... I saw several Giant Swallowtails as well as several Eastern Comma and a Question Mark in the parking lot.... Dragonflies were plentiful as well.....

Tonite Kevin call me with a sighting of a Black-crowned Night Heron in Sterling Heights.... I headed to his location with no luck.... Yikes,  I need to start wearing my Rabbits foot.... click on photos to enlarge...

Giant Swallowtail

Question Mark

Question Mark

Widow Skimmer

Northern Flicker

Great Egret

Orchard Oriole

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